Independent Escort

Independent Escort –v- Escort Agency

If you have decided to become a professional escort and are wondering whether to start working as an independent escort or work for an agency, you have come to the right place. Like all things in life both the choices have some pros and cons. We will discuss those points in detail and help you to make the suitable choice.

It is strongly advised to people beginning their careers as escorts to start with an agency. But launching your career with a bad escort agency can really jeopardise your growth and goals. Hence it is paramount to search for only the best agencies in your city and then apply. This can be easily done by researching about local agencies and their services over the internet.

Once you search for the agencies in your locality, you will probably find a large list of escort agencies. To gather basic information about them, visit their website and go through it completely. Look the type of girls they hire, the services they offer and their rates. Some agencies offer fetish and domination sexual services which may not be suitable for you. Searching with the agency name might even land you some customer reviews about it. Check and compare all the websites before deciding on an agency to join.

One thing you should check is the hourly rates set by the agency. Almost all agencies take 50 Pounds from the first hours booking charges as commission. So you will have to find an agency that quotes decent fees to the customers. Avoid high priced escort agencies for the time being as they only hire popular and experienced escorts. Keep in mind that fees for the second and subsequent hours are completely yours to keep.

The commission charged by the agency might seem too much but in reality there is a necessity behind that. The agencies spend a lot of money for advertising and promotions. They often hire professional SEO experts to make their website listed on top of search engine results. This in turn attracts more clients for the escorts. The agency also has to bear the website hosting and maintenance charges.

The costs associated with hiring receptionists, securities, professional photographers and renting office space also force the agency to charge a hefty commission from the escorts. All of these costs are unavoidable for a good reliable agency. Some agencies also pay commissions to receptionists for each successful booking and that payment is also gathered from that commission taken from the escorts.

At the first glance, it seems to be a better financial decision to operate as an independent escort as you will be keeping all your earnings. But closer inspection will reveal that you will also have to incur almost all of the above mentioned expenses if you hope to grow your career. There are websites that let you advertise your services for free but to effectively attract customers, a personal website is almost mandatory. You will also have to hire a photographer to create a professional portfolio. Factoring in the costs of advertising, hiring a webmaster and website charges, the money you get to keep for yourself is not as much as it seems.

So Which One Is Better

One significant advantage of working as an independent escort is that you will be able to choose your clients. If you do not like the look and sound of a client, you can choose not to serve him. You also get to decide your work timings, area of operation and type of service at your discretion. This type of flexibility is not possible while working for an agency. You will have no say over the clients there and will have to serve anyone the company books. Also there might be extension of booking hours as per client’s request and you may have to be on call every hour of the day.

As an agency escort, you also do not have any say over the service fees. You have to work for whatever amount the agency deems suitable. This however might be a minor problem because usually all the agencies in a city charge almost the same rate. And even if you decide to work as an independent escort, in all likelihood you will charge roughly the same rate as other independent escorts of the city. Your earnings will however increase if you manage to gather some experience under your belt and provide consistent high quality service as an escort.

There is one more point you should ponder over before reaching a final decision. If you are hired by an agency, they will expect you to work reliably and satisfy your clients. Failure to do so might terminate your employment and even get you blacklisted. Since most escort agencies of a city have reasonable information about their competitors, they might blacklist you as well. You will not have to face this situation if you work as an independent escort. Bad service, however, may still tarnish your reputation as an escort.,/p>

If you plan to establish yourself as an escort, starting with an agency can provide a great boost to your career. But if you are doing this just for some extra cash or as a part time venture, you are better off being on your own. In that way, you will be able to effectively manage your time and other responsibilities and only take the assignments you like. Whatever your decision, if you work hard, you will surely make rapid progress as an escort.

In a nutshell, both the options have their own merits and demerits. So you can base your decision based on the pointers provided above. And of course you might choose to work as an independent escort after a brief stint with an agency and after you have learned the ropes of the business. Make sure to research a lot and compare before applying to an agency and get all your queries answered before you start working with them. We wish you all the best on your career as an escort.